With 20% dominance within the new NIST & CMMC compliance mandates, incident response is the most critical factor in cyber security.

Incident Response Chart NIST 800-171 and CMMC require an incident response plan, but also several other controls and practices, including: incident detection, response and recovery.

CyberCatch Hour

Incident Response: The Most Critical Factor in Cybersecurity

In this webinar, a panel of industry experts will show you how to implement a highly effective and compliant incident response plan for cyber resiliency.

- What comprises a compliant incident response plan
- What are examples of a great, good, bad and ugly plan
- What are current blind spots that attackers are exploiting
- What are controls / practices you must implement and how-to
- Example of a model plan and controls and how they prevented a cyber disaster

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Our panel will walk you through examples of Ugly, Bad, Good and Great Incident Response Plans, in addition to the critical roles cyber insurance and the FBI play in the event of an incident.

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Our Distinguished Panel Of Cybersecurity Experts
Incident Response Panel

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